History of Robo Advisors

How Robo Advisors Will Become a $5 Trillion Industry

Robo advisors started from humble beginnings, with its origins as far back as 2006 when Mint launched semi-automated personal finance management. With these seeds sown, early versions of today's sophisticated robo advisors then emerged in 2008 following the financial crash. With several challenges for this revolutionary technology over the years, it hasn't been a smooth journey. But with large and small investors alike recognising the benefits of this new way of investing, robo advisors have seen massive uptake in number of users and capital invested. Allowing individuals to invest money in funds directly , robo advisors cut out the middleman - and the costs that come with it. The result is a quicker, simpler and more affordable way to invest. That's why, by 2020, experts predict that it ill become a $5 trillion industry.  

History of roboadvisors infographic